The Renaissance of the Cultural Investor 

(a.k.a. Money, Art & NFTs)

By Khufu Reign

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The Thesis

A new class of angel investors will focus on art instead of tech; these cultural investors will build communities, crowdfund artists & supercharge talent discovery.  

The Introduction

This idea is for you if

  1. You have good taste.
  2. You know what an NFT is. 

Both must be true. 

Culture & investing have become grossly overused terms in the last 12 months, so it seems a bit cliche to bring them together when describing “the job of the future” but, here we are. The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency technology is giving way to what may be the dream gig of Gen Alpha. Cultural investors acquire art & other content that they determine to have cultural significance locally or globally. These acquisitions appreciate monetary value or hold other importance to the investor. 

Instead of a portfolio of your favorite stocks and bonds, it’s a portfolio of your favorite art, clothes, game skins, (Top Shot) moments, etc…

This isn’t a new idea, it’s just been a logistical nightmare until now. [1] Any creative industry where payments or royalties are tracked online can be a home for this new type of investor. 

Let’s look at cultural investing in the music industry. 

The Crowdfunding

Combining fractional ownership & art is an all time growth hack. 

Two quick definitions.

Fractional Ownership: Your piece of the pie. Usually expressed as a percentage. 

Ex: Mac owns 10% of the song.

Art: The conscious use of the imagination in the production of objects intended to be contemplated or appreciated as beautiful.

Imagine creating generational wealth because you knew about the next superstar when they barely had 1,000 fans. 

It’s 2022 & an independent artist is making noise in south Florida. A snippet drops of their next song and it goes viral. Using this attention to their advantage, they have their best friend cook up a short video using Unreal Engine & they sell the video + song as an NFT. They want each token holder to get 5% of the streaming royalty from the song’s release on DSPs (Apple, Tidal, Spotify, etc...). 

The artist creates 10 editions of the piece and charges $500 per token (edition).